**** NEWS LETTERS **** 

                                            The Club publishes a newsletter to all active members monthly.
                                                       The information on activities is gathered by:
                                                                   Joan Klein  (951-371-4897)
                                                               and published by:
                                                                    Bill Houck (714-637-8699)
                               The distribution can be either via postal service (snail  mail) or E-mail, it is the members choice. 

                                      AUGUST 2017                                                            MARCH 2018    

                                            SEPTEMBER 2017   See #NOTE 1 & 2                  APRIL 2018 

                                                  OCTOBER 2017                                                          MAY  2018    


                                                          NOVEMBER 2017                                                    JUNE 2018

                                                                DECEMBER   2017                                               JULY 2018       


                                                                      JANUARY 2018    See #NOTE 3                        AUGUST 2018

                                                                            FEBUARY 2018                                                SEPTEMBER 2018

                      # NOTE 1 (from Ray)

                       SKI TRIP  MAMMOTH:  

                 SUNDAY, JANUARY 7 - FRIDAY, JANUARY 12, 2018 coordinated by Ray Stewart. 

          Lodging will be at the Sierra Nevada Resort and Spa.  Three chalets are reserved that will accommodate 18 people. 

          Each chalet has three bedrooms w/bath that will accommodate two people. 

                       The total cost will be $530 per person.  

              Please send your Trip Application with $150 deposit "NLT September 15"  to:

                                               Ray Stewart

                                                 1914 W. Westwind

                                                    Santa Ana, CA 92704




                  # NOTE 2
                         HIKE    (from Marlene)

                Date is still Thursday, 9/7.

                    We will meet at 9:45 AM at the parking lot at 54th Place and Ocean in Long Beach.
                   Either bring your bike or plan on using the Long Beach Bikeshare. There is a bikeshare hub adjacent to this parking lot.

                    Marlene has an account that can be used for others. Cost of bike rental is $7.00 per hour and it is charged by the minute.

                    We will bike the entire beachside trail and turn around and park bikes (returning bikeshare bikes) close to the Long Beach Museum,

                        which opens at 11.

                    Admission for seniors 62+ is $6.00. We will have lunch at Claire’s, which is on the museum property, at 12:30.

                    After lunch, we will pick up new bikeshare bikes (for those using bikeshare) and ride back to the parking lot.

                                 RSVP (text or email) to Marlene by 9/5.

                  If you have questions, please text, email, or call. (714) 458-4694


                    #NOTE 3 

                            SUPER BOWL PARTY
                        The  Harban's telephone number  on the Super Bowl Party flyer needs to be corrected to 714-892-4897.


                                                                 OTHER OPTIONS:
                                                                    BOARD OF DIRECTORS