Updated: DECEMBER 23,2018                                                                                                                              

                                                                                                                                   SKI TRIPS 


           TRIPS FOR 2019/20 SEASON IN PLANING


          70'S+ SKI CLUB
              Members will arrange payment directly with that organization.
                  The 70's+ Ski Club takes care of room reservations & sometimes ski lift tickets. It is all in
              their newsletter which will come out early summer.
                  Participants are responsible for their own air reservations. I (Carol Kane) will have 70+
              applications. Those under 70 may go as "guest"


        MAMMOTH  JANUARY  SKI  TRIP:                                DATES TBD
                  (MID-WEEK, CARPOOL)                                                    Coordinated by: Loren DuPuy
                                                                          LOCATION TBD      


       MAMMOTH MARCH SKI TRIP:                                       DATES TBD
                  (mid-week, carpool)                                                    Coordinated by:  Walley Dencker
                             LOCATION TBD


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